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"Leads Guaranteed" Paid Advertising Solution At a Flat Fee

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For $799/month, we will automate your process for finding new customers using Facebook ads.
($300/month ad spend included!)
No frills. No BS.
Just a simple Done-For-You Solution. Try before you buy:

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"Get your first lead in 3 days 
on the house."

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Common reasons why Small Businesses struggle with Marketing: 

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⚬ No time 

⚬ Costs too much

⚬ Takes a lot of work

⚬ Don't know where to start

⚬ No guarantee if it will work

⚬ Distraction from core business

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Our Solution addresses all of your headaches. We focus on direct-response marketing that gets you leads, and is trackable

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⚬ No time? 

✅ No worries. We will set up your lead generating system, provide weekly reports, optimise your ads, and send leads straight to your inbox. 

⚬ Costs too much?

We only charge you for what works and what you actually need. Pay for one ad campaign at a time. If it's working for you, double down on it. If it doesn't work, simply turn it off. No hassles. 

⚬ Takes a lot of work?

✅ The only work you need to do is tell us about what you want to promote, who you want to reach, follow up new leads, and sign up new customers. We do all the backend work to get you the leads

⚬ Don't know where to start?

✅ Not to worry. We will take you through our 7-Step Ad Success Process to make sure you cover all bases. Keep scrolling down the page to learn more about these 7 steps. 

⚬ No guarantee if it will work?

✅ We can't guarantee results, and we acknowledge that our solution won't work for every business. This is exactly why we have a 100% money-back guarantee to make sure this is risk free for you. 

⚬ Distraction from core business?

✅ Unless you're a marketing company, your core business should be to provide services and or sell products that solve problems for your customers. The good news is, ours IS marketing -
In particular, direct-response advertising that drives propective customers to your business.

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👣 Follow our 7-Step Ad Success Process

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Choose who you wish you promote your product / service to. 

Knowing your Target Audience will dictate who Facebook will show your message to, which in turn affects the result you will get. 

You can also use leverage Facebook's big data to find new customer groups with whom you're not currently selling to.  

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1. Choose Target Audience 🎯

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Identify and review the best ROI offer for your chosen Target Audience. 

Having just another 'me too' offer is a sure-fire way to get ignored by your prospective customers. 

We will take you through the steps to find or create your highest ROI offer to set you up for success. ✌

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2. Review Best Offer 👍

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Create and test ads based on Facebook's direct and indirect feedback. 

Testing, optimising, and repeating what works is the secret formula of all successful marketing campaigns. 

We will provide you with weekly reports, and recommendations for better lead generation results. 

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4. Create & Test Ads 👨‍🔬👩‍🔬

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3. Identify Value Add 🎁

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Identify what brings the most value to your Target Audience, and educate them with no strings attached. 

Unless you have the marketing budget of Coca-Cola or have the brand presence like McDonald's, it's most likely that your Target Audience has never heard of you. 

So, you will need to establish trust and credibility first. 

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Capturing lead information is an important step but it's sometimes the 'hard to grasp' part of the lead generating process, as it depends on where your online traffic comes from. 

With our solution we will connect the ad campaign to either a squeeze page or your Facebook page Messenger to capture the prospective customer's information so you can follow up, qualify and close deals. 

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5. Capture Lead Information 🎣

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6. Follow Up Leads 📞📲

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We will go through with you your follow up process, and make sure you can handle the incoming enquiries. 

It is crucial that you have a clear and systemised process for following up your new leads because once our solution is turned on - you could be overwhelmed by needing to follow up with too many leads. 

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The final step of this 7-step process is to systemise and automate. This will find new prospective customers for you so you will have a busy inbox and a growing wallet like clockwork. 

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7. Systemise & Automate 🤖

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Nicki Ritchie from Subeez
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"Thank you Wells, for being such a valuable asset for Subeez and our clients. You truly are a legend."

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Pricing & Inclusions

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For $799/month, we will set up Facebook ads for your choice of one Target Audience under one Product or Service, and we will send all the leads directly to your inbox in real time as the leads come in.

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To keep our pricing simple, each extra Audience, Product, or Service will be an additional $799/month; billing will only occur after we receive your written approval and instructions to go ahead.

This Offer gives you a '$300/month' ad spend on the house, and is fully backed by our risk-free trial period guarantee where we will pay to get your first lead within 3 days after the ads have been approved by Facebook and are up & running. So, you don't pay us until we get you a lead. 
This Offer includes:

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✅ Researching, testing and finding the best responding audience for your offer.

✅ Setting up multiple ads to identify the best performing target audience group.

✅ Creating written content for the ads.

✅ Launch campaign with a target audience group in the Facebook Ads Manager.

✅ Making necessary changes in ads for better results.

✅ Setting up Facebook pixel for targeting or re-targeting your audience.

✅ Providing weekly feedback and reports on your ad performance.

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Our Point of Difference

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Contrary to other marketers who may charge you a monthly fee of $1,000, $3,000, or even north of $5,000, but cannot guarantee results.

We back our offer with a free 3 days risk-free trial period, so you can try before you buy:

"Get your first lead in 3 days on the house."

The reason why we can offer such a cost-effective solution is because we only focus on ONE goal at a time.

Rather than trying to do everything all at once, and ask you to spend thousands of dollars on un-measurable activities, we are only interested in marketing solutions that will make money for your business right away.

We'd like to see your success, as this creates a win-win situation for both of us over the long term. 

— Wells Wong, CEO of Happy Customers Consulting

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Wells Wong, CEO of Happy Customers Consulting
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See what other Happy Customers are saying...

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Zaki Maxwell from Zaki.Help
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"One of the best marketers I have worked with!"

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Doug Riddell from My Home Services
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"I recommend you check out his website for more info on how to improve your online customer engagement."

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Cliff Coelho from Storydriven.video
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Julia Zielke from Sales Inside Edge
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"I wanted to make sure that I worked with someone who would be able to pivot where necessary. And quickly at that. And that's why I chose to work with Wells.“

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"I highly recommend Wells if you want someone who genuinely cares about you and your business and someone who is determined to get you results."

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